“I am incredibly happy with my electric bills after switching to solar with Local Solar Panel Pros in my business, firstly because of their impeccable service, and secondly because their team always answered my questions right away. My special thanks go to the installation crew, for their agile and efficient work.”

John M.

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“The Local Solar Panel Pros are by far one of the best solar energy services offices in this town, both because of the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. They have always been helpful, trustworthy, and reliable while providing support for the solar system in my house, I highly recommend!”

Jane D.

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“The Local Solar Panel Pros have been my preferred solar energy services company for a few years, both at my house and at my office building! Switching to a renewable energy source was unmistakably the best decision because I’m saving money and saving the planet. My advice is to install a solar system, as soon as you can!”

Mary C.

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